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  • 1st TRUE Cold light source - Fully sealed!
  • NO HEAT -Totally cold - you can add "Just a Label" - won't melt ice - or heat up chilled areas - Can be used in refrigerated or iced areas!
  • Labels applied direct to light source face area!
  • Low Voltage draws .002 amps!
  • 75mm printable Advertising Area!
  • Full face evenly illuminated!
  • Low cost backlit label or decal options.
  • Outer rim choices of:
  1. illuminated 'Halo' effect in clear or colour.
  2. Solid chrome or gold.
  • Ease of decal application - applied in seconds!

  • 1 side or 2 side display options
  • Transformer supplied can run up to 4 Decalites
  • Manufactured from high strength Polycarbonate



Shown unlit then switched on.

86mm diameter x 10mm depth - bottom mounting for wire