Company Quality Policy Statement

MECCA GROUP LIMITED quality system is designed to satisfy the requirements of ISO 9002.

It is the policy of the management of MECCA GROUP LIMITED to provide superior customer service with the manufacture of quality products combined with reliable delivery. Continuous innovation in manufacturing processes and materials and total involvement with customers, suppliers and employees are the means of implementing this overall policy.

The nature of the products manufactured places particular emphasis upon experience, workmanship, capability and quality. The company attaches major importance to competition based on quality and the highest degree of customer satisfaction ensuring repeat business.

Objectives of the management of MECCA GROUP are to:

  • A / Establish and maintain an effective and properly managed quality system.
  • B / Provide objective evidence that the planned quality systems are implemented and maintained in accordance with management policy.

The quality manual, and the systems referenced herein, describe how MECCA GROUP's quality system is designed so that the policy and objectives are satisfied at all times.

The quality manual, how effective control of the quality system is established, implemented and maintained in order to achieve the requisite assurance of quality and high degree of consistency in completed work.

The quality system in this manual has the full support of the management and supervisors of MECCA GROUP and its successful implementation and maintenance is a commitment by them. Proper adherence to this manual and active participation in all quality related activities are a requirement of all personnel in the company.